TESTIMONIES  ទីបន្ទាល់ជីវិតរបស់អ្នកគ្រីស្ទាន

"Today, instead of selling food, I am selling Jesus!"

My name is Jonathan Dok, I came back to God about more than a year ago with my wife and children. I am very happy to say that God has blessed our family; today all of us are one way or another has involved in helping to start a Cambodian Church.


I was an Adventist before while I was working as a social worker for Welfare to Work program, called GAIN. Like many folks in our community trying to pursue the American dreams, I quitted my job and began my own business adventure in a restaurant business in the city of Long Beach. Because of daily business demands and challenges, I stopped attending church for a while. It had been about seven years. 


One night, it was really late into the evening, a man walked in and sat at the table asking for a menu. I approached him while he stood up pulled out a 9mm handgun pointing at me. Without thinking straight I stepped back slightly away from the gun. At that very moment I realized I got robbed; then, I heard click, click, click. I thought I was killed but instead I jumped to the side, grabbed a chair nearby and smacked him on his wrist, knocking the gun onto the floor. The assailant then ran away and I called 911. The police arrived to the scene, confiscated the weapon, and told me that I am very lucky that I didn’t get shot. He said the gun was fully loaded but did not know why it didn’t fire the shots.


I knew that there must be God that caused the bullets not to be fired! That night I realized I had a second chance to life. That was the turning point for me. Like the prodigal son I came to my senses, in the most dangerous way. I could have been shot dead at the first click, but I thanked God even after the third click I even gathered enough courage to fight the attacker. I thanked God that He saved me, saved my family, and my children. I knew deep down in my heart that He was with me. His Holy Spirit, His angel protected me. I described to the police how the assailant looked like and later that night he was arrested.


I know God has protected me. A text in Psalm 121:7  says, “The Lord will keep you from all harm . . . He will watch over your life.”  I know that He has a plan for me, my family, and my children. He watches over my family and wants us to be part of His kingdom. He wants us to be part of something bigger and safer. He wants us to start something that last longer, and that to have a joint business venture with Him. Today I am glad to say that “ instead of selling food, I am selling His word to others.”


“We are so blessed to be a part of God’s family once again and I thanked Him for providing me a new secure job and the time to serve Him as well.”


Please pray for our new adventure with God at Sua Sdei Center. May God bless you!


Jonathan Dok

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